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With My Motivational Keynote or Training:  

The 7 Mindsets For Extraordinary
Sales Success
And Happiness


The 7 Mindsets are demonstrated by the happiest and most successful individuals in history, (based on the most extensive research ever conducted on the Positive Psychology behind
happiness and success).


Using The 7 Mindsets eliminates negativity as it literally reshapes the brain, matching its structure and functions with those of the most fulfilled and highest achievers on the planet.


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Train your sales people in the use of the 7 Mindsets to overcome their challenges in both their professional and personal lives.   


The 7 Mindsets optimize results and happiness
in the face of any life-challenge.   

As we employ them we keep our passion ignited, our focus strong, our positive relationships growing and our results improving.


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"Bob, prior to our session I felt down and defeated. Following our 30 minute session I felt inspired and empowered, made a sales call and closed with a high dollar purchase. Your method works!" G. McGlothlin


A Positive Workforce Out-Performs The Negative By  202%!



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between happiness and the bottom line.


Listen to my interview on the happiness-key to achieving goals  

 at:  http://weirdthingcalledlife.com/ 

It's Show # 45


"Bob, When we started our session today and you asked “How are you?” my answer was generic and based on the situations I was dealing with in my life. I don’t believe I have really ever asked myself “How am I?” from the perspective of my being which is what you were inquiring about. This session allowed me to realize I have been feeding things in my past so they are ready to bring negativity to my present. After the session I felt aware, alive, energetic, in control, curious, interested, loved, accepted and at peace. Love and acceptance are things that I rarely identify with mainly because I have been unsure whether I deserve them or not, but I do. I am part of the energy of the divine and I have been minimizing my inclusion in the energy as though I must earn it. You showed me that it is mine now, has always been mine and will always be mine and that the joy and peace that go with that knowledge belong to me everyday. This is my true self. Thank you, I am so ready to meet with you again next week."

Kind Regards, L. J. Wright, President, Solvitsoftware, Inc.





"Bob Lancer is a consumate "Attitude Transformer as he inspires, trains and coaches sales people for improved attitudes that provide real support for greater sales success." T. Cramer, CEO of The Braintrust







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Studies on what people want more than anything else clearly and definitively indicate that more happiness is what they want most.

And it turns out that what people want also happens
to propell them into higher performance,
productivity and results.

The 7 Mindsets For Extraordinary Sales Success And Happiness Delivers BOTH.

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For Your Next Sales Conference, Give Your Sales Pro's What They Really Want And What They Really Need To Raise The Bottom Line: 

Extraordinary Sales Success And Happiness






"Your seminars are always spot-on. Thanks for giving our team a boost." 
W. Adams, Adam's Realtors.



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"Thanks for the powerful, inspiring insights!"
Dr. R. Tritt, CEO, Vistage Group Member



Help me bring 7 Mindsets education to young people (including your child). 
We've reached over 500,000 youths so far. 
www.7mindsets.com for more information,
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