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A REAL Secret

Sales Success



Here is a REAL secret to sales success.  It’s a “secret” because it is rarely mentioned.  The top sales professionals use it unconsciously.  When used consciously it WILL totally transform your sales experiences and produce enormous expansion of your sales earnings.


This “secret” to sales success is simply this: visualize your prospect responding with deep gratitude and satisfaction.  In your mind, see him/her experiencing the positive life-transformation that he/she highly values. 


Think about it.  How DO you really want your prospect to feel, think, speak and act in response to interacting with you?


You want your prospect to feel deeply grateful for your involvement in his/her life.  


You want your prospect to feel that your presence, your influence, your service or product is of the utmost worth to him/her.  


You want your prospect to feel so blown away (in a good way), so HELPED, that he/she cannot help but rave about you to everyone, and to become and remain your super-loyal customer and fan.  You want your impact to be that good.


Think about the transformation that you want your influence to produce in your customer’s life.  


The transformation that you want for them is the transformation that they most dearly want for themselves.  You don’t have to know what that is (though it pays to ask), you just have to visualize your customer responding to that occurrence in his/her life.  That’s the important thing.


See in your mind your customer not just lavishing praise upon you, not just lavishing more business upon you, but leading a truer, happier, more fulfilled and purposeful life because of what you have done for him/her.  See your customer’s positive impact upon others because of your contribution to his/her life.


Practice this form of Positive Customer Visualization when you feel tempted to worry about the impact you are having on your prospect or client.  Instead of visualizing that person disliking you or discounting what you offer, shift into the visualization of what you want to come about.


Hold this vision in mind before, during and after every encounter with a prospect or customer.  Get in the habit of seeing others seeing you in the most complimentary light.  Waste no thought thinking of someone looking down on you, because that just generates self-doubt and tends to produce that negative impression in the mind of that person.


Don’t just imagine that your prospect or customer sees you as extremely helpful, beneficial, and valuable – concentrate on your intention to do what you can to make that happen.  Focusing on this intention programs your subconscious to deliver the ideas to your conscious mind that you can act upon to make it happen.


Your vivid vision of your prospect’s and customer’s satisfaction, with your genuine, deep, passionate commitment to finding a way to achieve that outcome, causes a positive energy to glow from you.


The vision of your prospect’s and customer’s satisfaction defines your true purpose in every sales meeting.  Remember that.  It’s about the customer.  It’s about bringing joy into the life of another.  That will make each sales experience a richer one for you, whether the person buys right now or not.  And as you practice this “secret to sales success” they will buy more and more.


Re-read this article and as you do, actually work on building the positive visions that it describes.  That turns this article into an exercise that will develop your power to envision your way to greater sales success.



To help you to develop this form of thought mastery I’ve written the book, Lighten Up: How to harness the power of happiness to create the life you want. 

As you read it, you will go through the process of mental training that results in your more continuous positive thinking.

You will lose worry-habits, discover stronger self-confidence building within you, and direct your mind for more of the results and experiences you want in life. 

Click here to request your copy directly from me for just $9.99 (usually $15.99) AND PAY NO POSTAGE or TAX charges.  (If you order it used from Amazon, you may be ordering an earlier, inferior edition.) 


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