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A Surprising Secret For Success In Sales:
Professionalism Equals
Unconditional Love


Taking things that prospects, customers or cowerkers say or do personally and reacting emotionally blinds one from recognizing the golden opportunity for sales success present in the situation.


Even when a sale does not work out, your path to success in sales is NOT being blocked.  Examining what happened provides you with important clues for adjusting your approach to be more successful at selling in the future.


Reacting emotionally is really the opposite of professionalism in sales, because it holds one back from advancing along the road to professional selling success.


When you take something personally and react emotionally your ability to respond constructively, in line with your selling objective, is being compromised.


Emotional reactions cloud judgment, produce mental confusion, and prevent one from recognizing the way to make the sale.


Professionalism in sales is much like the traditional path of spiritual growth in that both disciplines involve overcoming the personal ego to serve a higher purpose.


Overcoming the personal ego is essential for ascending the ladder of successful selling, as it is for ascending the path of spiritual growth.


Like sales professionalism, spiritual growth is about service.  It’s about recognizing the needs of others and dedicating one’s forces to helping others meet their needs.


To succeed as a salesperson, you must serve.  The higher the quality of your service, the more value others see in hiring you, promoting you, purchasing your goods or services.


In your professional relationships, relating with even the most difficult people in a genuinely caring way, regardless of how they relate with you, will often preserve or build a bond that supports your forward progress toward your professional goals.


What we are really talking about here is the wisdom of humility, in its true, pure form and how it represents a crucial sales skill.


You really do have to humble yourself to attain the pinnacle of success in your selling career.  But there is no degradation in true, professional humility, because there is no artificiality about it.


Humility is a SKILL – it’s the skill of dedicating yourself to a purpose higher than the superficial desire to see yourself as better than others.


Humility in sales will lead you along a truly beautiful path that benefits everyone.  To be humble is to discard selfishness, but it is not to overlook self-interest.


Humility is traditionally is associated with spirituality, not with success in business. 


But to achieve even the very highest levels of business success proves worthless and unfulfilling if you lose your love along the way.


The more you give, the more you will receive. Focus on providing the best service to receive the greatest rewards, both economically AND spiritually.


Turn difficult sales situations, when you feel tempted to take something personally, into sales training opportunities for you by exercising the humility of sales professionalism to for great sales success.




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