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Lancer's Answers Sales Success Wisdom Tip:

Don't Sell.  Serve.  THEN Sell... Successfully


Sales is a strange profession in at least one regard: to be successful in sales, you don’t want to be perceived as a “sales person”. 


Sales people are out to sell you something.  No one ants to deal with someone who is trying to do something to them – or worse yet, who wants to take money from them.


So how do you want to be perceived?  As a servant of humanity and an expert in your field. 

How to accomplish this?

1… Find out what the prospect's problems are.

How? Ask.  You might say, “What is the number one challenge, problem or limitation you are facing right now?”  You might have to do some coaxing to help your prospect to:

a… Open up to you.

b… Open up to himself/herself and think about it until he/she realizes what the problem is.

NOTE: Helping a prospect gain clarity about the problem standing between where he/she is and where he/she wants to be is a valuable service that the prospect will appreciate.

The fact is that in everyone’s situation there is a problem or obstacle they are dealing with.  That’s what’s perfect about this imperfect world – perfect for sales people, that is. 


Everyone has a problem to solve.  Problems are what stand between where we are and where we want to go. A good sales person is a problem finder before he/she is a problem solver.


2… Once you identify the problem, offer your solution. 


Where does your solution come from? 


It comes from where all of our solutions come from: our subconscious minds. 


So the real question is, “How do you program your subconscious mind to give you the answer when you need it?”  The answer is simple: use the power of your intention. 


Go into the meeting or phone call with the intention to really be of service.  Be clear about this purpose of yours throughout the meeting: your purpose is to relate with this person in a way that causes the person to perceive you as an invaluable ally, contributor to his/her good, benefactor, asset. 


If you are clear about that intention, and sincerely dedicated to fulfilling it, your subconscious will give you the ideas you need when you need them.


So, to be perceived as an invaluable expert, find out what your prospect wants and then give it to him/her right there on the spot, if you can. 


If you need more time, you can get back to him/her with your solution, but this slows down the sales cycle.  It’s better than nothing, but it’s second best. 


The best is when you can give that person some clarity about his/her issues and some useful suggestions right away.  You can THEN talk about how your product or service can facilitate the execution of that solution.


If you do that well enough, your prospect will close himself/herself.


You may THEN need to permit the prospect to experience that product or service for a trial period.  Always be ready to give in order to receive. This is the Law of Recipricity selling and it works.


After you prove your worth, you can name your price (be it reasonable or outrageous) and usually get what you want or something satisfactorily close.

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