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How And Why To Live In The Flow Of Abundance NOW

You probably want more money.  Ever since the invention of money, the drive for more of it has been a basic human motivation.  It’s only natural to want that which you perceive to have the power to bring you the experiences you want.  But that natural desire has not led the majority of us into wealth.  On the contrary, more of us are in debt than in wealth and the vast majority of human beings feel the sense of struggle when it comes to making ends meet let alone achieving their financial dreams.


What we miss when we operate from the desire for money is the fact that we are relating to money as the means to the ends that we seek.  We want money because we believe money is the way to get what we want from having money.  As much as you believe that you want more money, you really don’t want more money.  You want what you believe money has the power to give you.


What do you want more than money?  You want what you want money for!  It’s vital to keep that in mind, because if you spend your time focused on getting money for what you want you miss your opportunities to experience what you want the money for.  As you will see, those opportunities are always present!


To many of us there is a feeling of deep satisfaction that comes from receiving money and seeing our money in abundant supply.  Even though you cannot eat hundred dollar bills, seeing your safe filled with thousands of them can give you a thrill.  The desire for money in and of itself is the desire for the feeling of pleasure we derive from seeing ourselves in possession of money in abundance.


Of course, if you learned that your money was worthless due to a radical change in our economy, you would see it as nothing but stacks of paper that have no other use than helping you to start a fire. When the sight of money in your possession makes you feel safe, free, respectable, successful and happy it is because of the power that you give to money in your mind.


The desire for money that is connected with the sheer pleasure derived by seeing your money supply in abundance is a desire for a feeling. That feeling is a stirring internal state that feels good in and of itself.  Whether you feel it in response to a person, an object that can be baught, or to having the money to buy what you want the thrill of having what you want makes you feel more alive, it gets your “juices” flowing.  It is the pleasure of simultaneously wanting and having, the pleasure experienced by having what you want and wanting what you have.


It is crucial that we are honest with ourselves about how we feel.  Repressing the feeling of pleasure that we desire in association with seeing ourselves in possession of an abundant supply of money produces a blockage in the flow of our energy, our happiness, our love, our life.  Opening up to how we feel allows the energy in our feelings to flow more freely and abundantly through us.


Experiencing the pleasure of having what you want in abundance can be described as a positive feeling of wellbeing that produces an actual physical state of wellbeing, because it allows our energy to flow into higher states of harmonious vibration.  It keeps our thoughts free of negativity as well.  Living in the pleasure of having what you want in abundance is joyful.  We can call it the joy of abundance, and it is a joy that actually manifests material abundance for us!


Living in the joy of abundance is good for you as long as it causes you to feel good in a whole and harmonious way.  If it sparks feelings of conceit or other forms of negativity aimed at others, of course, it has been corrupted and sends our energy into channels that manifest loss and lack.  What we send out to others we send back to ourselves.


When feeling the pleasure of abundance is flowing freely it opens your heart to unconditional love toward one and all.  You feel a sense of celebration of life.  You feel happy, grateful, and appreciative.  You feel like giving generously.  


The beauty of the human mind is that you can live in that joyful state of abundance at will once you clear yourself of any habitual feelings of lack, loss, limitation or impoverishment that block you from that.  Notice that it is not your financial condition that blocks you from living in the pleasure of abundance.  It is only your internal thoughts and feelings that can block it.  Of course it may be easier to feel that joy when you are looking at your bank account with a big number representing your current balance.  But you can also imagine that experience and give yourself at least a semblance of that of joy.  In other words, you can live in the joy of feeling grateful and appreciative of having what you want simply by imagining that you have it.


Clearing the internal blockages that prevent you from living in the joy of abundance is absolutely critical to release the full flow of that joy, and releasing that full flow deeply enriches your present experience.  This joy is what you want from material abundance, and, as has been stated, it is always available to you as long as you do the necessary internal work of releasing your inner blockage to allowing yourself to have that experience.


How we dissolve our internal blockages is first by fully feeling them.  Allowing them to rise fully in your consciousness, allowing yourself to feel all of the discomfort or pain connected with them, begins the process of their dissolution. 


The next step is to shift into feelings of the joy of abundance.  Open yourself to the feeling of joy you associate with abundance and let yourself dwell in those feelings.  If you feel blocked from this, return to step one and repeat the process.  It’s imperative that you reach all the way down into the deepest feeling of any sense of lack, loss or limitation, including an disturbing emotions you feel in association with those feelings during the first phase of this process.


Negative feelings are not something to carry.  They are something to go through until you reach the other side of them, where you find more joy and love than you experienced prior to your negativity's arising.  Consciousness of the joy of abundance manifests abundance, and it is that state of consciousness that you want from abundance.  It is entirely up to you to give it to you.


There are additional steps you can follow for deeper inner release work if the above process doesn’t fully do the trick for you, but that requires the guidance and support of one skilled in the practice of The Method for abundance.  This is the work I do in my phone coaching.  Contact me to set up a time to discuss how I can be of assistance to you. 

If you would like an inspiring talk or training on this subject to uplift your group, business or organization, contact me to discuss your professional speaker or seminar leader needs.


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