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Improve Your Attitude
For Greater Sales Success


As you improve your attitude, you raise your level of sales success.


Sometimes it really takes nothing more than a boost in attitude to boost sales.


I know that may sound too simple and easy to be true, but it remains true nonetheless.


When business appears slow and you feel tempted to worry, boost your motivation instead of allowing it to decline.


Do this because attitude, motivation and success go together.


An attitude that expresses self-confidence releases the power of motivation to take action with enthusiasm.


And enthusiasm in action produces positive results.


A positive attitude does not only lead to greater sales success.  It makes the selling profession more fun, more satisfying.


When you feel great about what you are doing, you turn what you are doing into a positive experience.


When we permit our circumstances to determine our attitude we give up
our power to determine our circumstances.


As you take charge of your attitude and motivation, you take charge of your sales destiny.


Here are two positive attitude exercises that are exercises that boost motivation.


First, when you feel you attitude beginning to slide into a negative zone, engage in some activity connected with your business that you find inspiring.


This is not the time to do the kind of busy work that you find difficult, displeasing or even depressing.  


Whatever it is about your work that you like doing most, do it now.  Do it when sales seem slow.  Do it when no one is calling.  Do it when your calendar looks too empty.


By working on your business in a way that you enjoy, you are giving yourself a spiritual raise and that will translate into a monetary raise.


As you raise your spirits, you attract more opportunity and you are more attuned to recognize the opportunities to be more successful.


I love writing.  So when my business seems slow, I might write an article, write a blog, right or refine some ad copy on my website.  


I might just do some creative writing with the purpose of raising my level of mastery of word-usage to a higher level.  As a motivational speaker providing sales training, this develops my skill for greater motivational speaker success.


Whatever you do for your success in sales will work.  It will pay off.  Every effort is like planting a seed or nurturing a seed in the garden of your success.


So when you feel tempted to begin feeling low, do something that in some way connects with your business that you enjoy.


The important thing is to stay active, doing whatever you can in line with what you  want to accomplish, something that you enjoy that helps you to feel positive.


Here is another exercise to boost your attitude and motivation.


You’ve heard about motivational speaking.  But have you heard about motivational listening?  It is one of the keys to harnessing the power of a positive attitude for success in sales.


Motivational listening means listening only to those messages that boost or support your positive attitude and motivation.


Be very careful about what you pay attention to, including news reports and opinions expressed by associates, friends and family members.


If you listen to message that discourage you, you lose the attitude and motivation you need for success in sales.


So notice the message you are taking in, and, if it does not support your positive attitude, direct your attention elsewhere.


If listening to motivational speakers, reading books on positive thinking, or going to an uplifting motivational seminars nurtures your positive attitude and motivation, then pursue those inspirational sources.


As you boost your attitude, you give your sales success a boost.


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