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Motivational Speaking Skills
For Sales Leadership


Motivational speaking is a crucial skill for the sales professional that translates into sales success.


A key to sales success is developing your leadership skills.


You can then employ your improved leadership skills to more effectively lead your prospects into becoming your loyal customers (followers).


Motivational speaker skills are a part of great leadership power that translates into great selling power.


As you grow as a motivational speaker, you can more successfully motivate prospects and clients into accepting risks and taking action.


You can offer the greatest service or product in the world, but if you communicate in a way that dampens spirits, prospects and customers will not only lack the drive to buy from you, they will want to avoid you.


Motivational sales people attract business because they are inspirational people. They exude positivity about what they are selling, about who they are, about the people they deal with, and life itself!


Because EVERYONE WANTS TO FEEL POSITIVE, motivational speaking in a sales context equates with true selling power.


Motivational speaking ability expresses a genuine attitude of positive conviction on more than the verbal level. 


Your enthusiasm comes through your voice, your physical gestures and postures, and through the invisible transmission of your authentic emotional state.


Highly successful leaders inspire others with their sheer presence.


So, speaking motivationally cannot be successfully faked.  You have to establish total inner congruence with where you want to lead others.


For success in sales leadership, you need to feel truly motivated about 4 things:

1. Who you are  

2. Who you are selling to

3. What you are selling

4. Life


Attending motivational seminars on selling success can certainly help you to be a motivatinal seller. But to develop this 4-point motivation power to the utmost requires your continuous, daily, self-directed "motivational sales training".


This training involves the daily self-work of being completely self-honest regarding how you are truly feeling about all four of the above factors.


It requires daily self-work on your own internal state of motivation.


To the extent that you feel totally positive about all four, to that extent you pass on your level of motivation to the prospects and clients with whom you interact.


This is because how we feel, including our present attitude and level of motivation, is contagious.  


As your prospect or client feels more positive in your presence, he or she feels more motivated to accept and to nurture a loyal follower relationship with you.


Speaking skillfully can amplify the influence of your own motivated state.


To harness the influence of motivational speaking skill, stay in touch with your own feelings of motivation as you speak with prospects and clients.



To do this most effectively, you need to stay in touch with how you feel all the time.


Everyone feels down at times. To resist negativity is only to deepen it.


When you don't feel totally motivated, open up to your feelings.  Let your feelings flow through you.  Relax to them.  Letting yourself fully feel your feelings is a way of nurturing your emotional power.


Feelings flow in waves.  They go up and down.  Relaxing to your unmotivated or discouraged feelings lets them pass most quickly.


Going through your unmotivated state is educational.  It helps you to gain mastery of your emotional state, which also empowers you to work more effectively with how others feel.


The more aware you are of your own feeling-state, the more aware you will be of your client's or prospect's feeling state.


When you skillfully connect with how another feels, you help that person to feel understood by you. This inspires that person's in your leadership.


The skills of motivational speaking for sales success include listening to yourself.


You have to hear the tone of your voice to detect the attitude expressing through your tone, pace, and even the words you are using.


If you do not feel totally motivated, you might sound a bit lack-luster in your tone.  You might speak too slowly or in a rambling way.  You might hear yourself talking about problems instead of solutions.


Speaking motivationally also faces cultural challgenges.  if you are working withsomeone for whom English is a second language, you need to choose simpler words, to speak more slowly and to articulate your words more crisply.


Of course, it is possible to come across as OVERLY motivated, too pushy, to blow the other person away.


So SKILLFULLY speaking motivationally means you also have to carefully observe the other person, to pick up the non-verbal cues as to how that person is feeling, how that person's feelings are being impacted by your delivery.


Highly skilled motivational speakers are therefore also very agile, flexible and spontaneous.  They can "shift gears" instantly, as soon as the need to do so becomes evident.


Perceptiveness, flexibility and spontanaiety are all crucial for sales success, as they are in leadership, and should be part of regular sales training.


Motivational Speaking Exercises For becoming a Sales Leader:  Spend time everyday:

1. Thinking up more and more reasons to believe in what you are selling.

2. Thinking about how you would love your product or service to benefit your customers.

3. Envisioning yourself as a total success not just in a business sense, but in the sense of being truly helpful to those you serve.

4. Feeling perfect confidence in your own life, trusting that you are bound for success and that your life must inevitably get better and better.


Incorporating these motivational exercises into your daily living will most assuredly develop your motivational speaking skills for greater and greater sales leadership success.


For a motivational sales training that transforms sales professionals into sales leaders, including motivagtional speaking skills training, call 404-297-4043 or click here to email for scheduling or more information.

Motivational Speaker Power For Your Sales Team 
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