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One Way Out Of Disempowerment

There Is One Way Out Of Disempowerment:

Learn To Live With No Idea Of Who You Are


The feeling of disempowerment lies at the core of all forms of internal suffering or emotional suffering.  It's rooted in the motivation-sapping (and totally false) belief that you are less powerful than whatever life-condition you happen to be encountering.


The cause of this painful, power-robbing belief comes down to one simple condition: the act of unconsciously identifying with a self-image, with an idea of who you are.  We can call this confusing the real you with an idea of the real you, or with an I-idea.


When you feel worried, when you feel shattered by grief, when you feel overwhelmed or angry you are unconsciously identifying with a disempowering idea of yourself as a victim.


 Your emotional pain is not a result of how the world outside is treating you.  It is a product of the world inside of you.  More specifically, it is produced by an idea of yourself (as a wounded victim) that you mistakenly relate to as the real you.




As we apply the light of consciousness to our inner experiences we awaken to the actual causes of our internal suffering.  We clearly see every single self-image that loiters in the shadows of unconsciousness for what it really is: not the real I, but just an empty I-idea!


Totally awakened consciousness has been scoured free of any idea of self.  It simply allows self to be without imposing ideas of definition upon it that serve only to imprison that which longs only to be free.


Whenever you feel even the slightest tinge of emotional pain, look within for the I-idea that is suffering.  Your suffering lasts only as long as you unconsciously identify with that idea of yourself.  Once you see it as just an idea of a suffering self, the power of that idea to hurt you has been defused.


Break The Spell Cast By The Unconscious Mind


Imagine a wicked wizard that delights in your pain. The wizard’s only magical power is to send ideas into your mind without you realizing that he is doing so.  


And because he likes your suffering, the ideas the wicked wizard sends are ideas of you being unjustly taken advantage of in some way and being too powerless to do anything about it but to suffer.  The Wizard knows that you are unconscious enough to identify with those ideas.  


To render the wizard powerless to hurt you, all you must do is look for the I-idea at the root of your internal suffering.  This inner work eventually pays off by reveal ing that I-idea, which naturally leads to your realization that it is justan idea; this defeats the wicked wizard.


Your unconscious self-punishing identification with I-ideas is all that keeps you feeling disempowered.


Discard Every Idea Of Who You Are


Here’s an example.  Let’s say that you feel forlorn over a rejection you received.  The first step to freedom is to face the pain.  Simply look at it, as you search within for the I-idea that the pain really belongs to.  


You will eventually see an idea of yourself as a wounded being, discarded, demoralized, overwhelmed and without a sense of self-value.  You will see further that this idea of self is the only self that is suffering with these power-draining feelings.  And then you will see that you are able to let that idea go and free yourself of its disempowered condition!


Letting go of a painful I-idea can be a bit frightening early on, because we believe that we need an idea of ourselves in order to be.  We are so identified with our I-ideas that we don’t believe we will continue to exist without one! But what you discover as you wipe the slate of your self-awareness clean of every single idea of yourself is that you exist far more fully and freely than ever before!


Totally enlightened beings exist happily without any idea of themselves.  The intense light of their awareness has burned through every single one.  


They have seen that ideas of yourself as superior are just as insidious as ideas of yourself as inferior, because the moment after you see yourself as superior you are bound to see yourself as inferior, and if you identify with positive, prideful self-images or I-ideas you must identify equally with negative, humiliating ones.  


Additionally, if you identify yourself with an idea of yourself as a superior person you are then enslaved by the false need to pretend that you are what you know deep down inside you really are not.  This makes you defensive, compelling you to engage in the exhausting and meaningless hard labor of continually explaining yourself to justify your actions, and of finding someone to blame and attack when things don't go the way you want them to, as you live in the constant terror of it being found out that you are really inadequate after all.


You are not your ideas of yourself.


Before you can let go of I-ideas you have to first see the I-ideas that you are identifying with when you feel disempowered states like emotionally hurt, angry, frightened, defeated, denigrated, over-powered To see the I-idea at the bottom of of your pain requires facing the pain you feel as you search within for the I-idea that's the cause of it.  You will eventually see that idea and awaken from the nightmare of being that idea.


Then you can know the joy of freely BEING yourself instead of thinking of yourself.    You will have found your way out of disempowerment by learning to live without any idea of who you are.

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