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Overcome Ego For Greater Sales Success


Are you in sales?


Who isn’t?  Everyone is sold on something. Aren’t you “sold” on doing what you’re doing? Every volitional action represents sales success.


You have to sell yourself on an idea before you act on it.  You had to succeed at selling.


How did you sell yourself on the idea of reading this article right now?


You successfully sold yourself on that idea.


Are you clearly aware of how you came to be convinced enough to act on the idea? Are you aware of the selling process that took place?


All anyone ever really sells is an idea.  For instance, at the car dealership the successful salesperson sells someone on the idea of purchasing a car.  The successful baker sells someone on the idea of purchasing a cupcake.


Sometimes merchandizing does the selling for you.  When a luscious looking chocolate cupcake behind the glass, looks too good to resist, all the salesperson has to do is to bag it and ring up the sale.  No verbal selling is required.


Any idea that we act upon has to make logical sense.  It must arouse desire.  It has to spark a sufficient feeling of motivation to compel action. To sell successfully involves all of these compenants.


Your customer has to be sold on the idea of taking the action you want before he or she will take that action.


To successfully sell someone on an idea of taking action, lead them to see the WISDOM of acting on that idea.


Wisdom is the most deeply compelling force within us.  When we really see that an action is in our best interest, we see no alternative but to take it. We successfully sell ourselves on the idea.


To take WISE action is to act on your best interest.  To resist wise action is to act in opposition to your self-interest.  We call that self-sabotaging behavior.


Not everyone is ready or willing to realize and act upon wisdom. Their ego gets in the way.  


When ego gets in the way, a strong emotional reaction interferes with our judgment. When that happens, we feel compelled to do something that actually costs us more than it benefits us; but we don’t care… until the cost-benefit imbalance becomes too obvious to deny.  Then we suffer and, hopefully, realize how we caused ourselves this suffering.


An untrained ego is the culprit behind unwise action.  An untrained ego operates in conflict with wisdom and it is really all that keeps someone from leading a happy, successful, fulfilling life.  Untrained ego can succeed at selling us on the wrong path of action.


A trained ego is a servant of wisdom.  A trained ego does not interfere with the realization of wisdom.  It remains subdued to allow the light of wisdom to sell us on the path that leads to good.


The ego then functions like a channel through which the power within the person flows into the execution of wise thoughts, feelings, speech and action.  


In sales, your easiest customers will be those with a well-trained ego.  They are ready to recognize and act upon the wisdom of taking the action that you suggest or propose.


Your more challenging customers place you in a position where you have to train their ego, to keep their prejudices at bay long enough to realize the wisdom of doing as you suggest.


Impossible customers are overrun by their egos; their egos are too strong for their own good.  They act and react vindictively, sabotage their own success and blame the world for their unhappiness. They operate at what we can describe as a “low level of personal development”.


Your level of personal development is contagious.  The more that wisdom directs your choices, the more you automatically influence the ego in others to align with wisdom’s dictates.


Your first responsibility to be the most successful sales person that you can be, then, is to submit your own ego to wisdom’s guidance.


You can do this by focusing your attention in each moment on doing what is truly right for you to do.


This involves keeping your mind quiet, your emotions tranquil, your real intention clear.


The more you practice this in your own life, the more powerfully you automatically influence others to follow wisdom in their own lives.  This makes you a very positive influence, a real blessing, in every life you touch.


Your customers will either consciously or subconsciously feel grateful for each encounter with you. They will welcome your presence, value your connection, and feel a natural desire to compensate you for the gift of light and love that you bring into their lives.


So this approach to sales is about REAL selling, selling with integrity, selling others ON integrity.  It is about selling WISDOM. 


Overcome your ego for REAL sales success.




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