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You might make lots of money working your heart out, living in overwhelm, reacting with irritation to those you work with and live with. But succeeding financially doesn't have to be that way.


Financial abundance, wealth and prosperity have no value if you feel poor, lacking and insecure. Think about WHY you want to make more money. You want to FEEL financially safe, secure, free and successful.  


Here is what we are discovering abouut the relationship between consciousness, energy, feelings and physical conditions. The first three are CAUSES, the last is a RESULT or EFFECT.


Let's make this simple.  When you feel happy, relaxed, secure, optimistic and in love your feelings impact your physical body in a positive way. Your blood flows more freely through your organs.  Your nervous system functions at optimum.  You look more beautiful and radiate more vitality. You enjoy a high level of phisical wellbeing.


By contrast, when you feel unhappy, stressed out and anxious your body is negatively impacted.


Your body is actually a vibratory instrument. Harmonious feelings cause it to vibrate harmoniously and that promotes physical wellbeing. Inharmonious feelings produce the opposite effect. This demonstrates the vibratory relationship between feelings and the physical body.


Now for something really interesting.  Physics has demonstrated that what appears to be solid objects surrounded by empty space in our physical environment is really a dynamic energy system with no separation.  This means that every object in your environment is really a vibrating energy pattern connected to every other object in your environment through vibratory resonance. In other words, how one physical body vibrates influences every other body to vibrate similarly.  Therefore, the harmonious vibrations of your body emanate into your physical environment, producing harmony in all of the physical conditions in your life.  This applies to your cash flow, just as it applies to your blood flow.  Get the exciting idea?


Approaching your financial success froom this perspective changes everything.  Instead of stressfully struggling to dominate, control and manipulate your physical world to get more money,  focus primarily on how you feel.  Make it your top priority is to feel as great as you can feel as consistently as possible.  When you feel sad or stressed out, make it your business to get through those emotions as soon as possible, without suppressing them. (There are many practices for achieving this, and I teach those.) As you do this, YOUR HARMONIOUS STATE OF BEING grows stronger and does the "heavy lifting" for for you. It sees to it that your fiscal world functions optimally.


This is where the idea that doing what you love causes the money to follow comes from.  Doing what you love raises your physical vibration with joy and inspiration, and this naturally raises the vibration your financial conditions, meaning a greater flow of abundance.


What we are looking at here is learning to base our success on joy instead of living as though we need to achieve certain external circumstances in order to feel joy. We live as though feeling good will take care of our financial needs, and that's what happens!


Living in this new way is not as easy as it may sound.  When you see problems in your world you probably feel duty bound to feel badly about them.  However, this is exactly the opposite response to what will work for you.  Feelings of frustration, resentment, disappointment, betrayal, insecurity, etc. lower our vibration, causing more discord, conflict, and difficulties to materialize in our physical lives. We rise into the solutions of our problems by rising above our problems emotionally.


With courage, practice and dedication we can unlearn our negative emotional reaction patterns and replace them with harmonious feeling patterns. We can learn to prosper in joy.





I teach sales forces, work teams, managers, executives, entrepreneurs, teachers and parents, as well as individuals who just want to live happier lives, specific processes for achieving the inner freedom to THRIVE in JOY.


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