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How And Why To Live In The Flow Of Abundance NOW
Cast Out Doubt
How To Improve All Of Your Relationships
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Don't Sell, Serve, THEN Sell
Prosper In Joy
A Real Secret To Sales Success
Overcome Ego For Sales Success
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A Surprising Secret For Sales Success
Motivational Speaking Skills For Sales Leadership
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One Way Out Of Disempowerment

Click on the links below for brief, powerful articles on how retail sales professionals can succeed greatly in this age of Internet shopping:


It's easy to complain about circumstances that seem less than ideal, and make them responsible for why we are not as successful as we want to be in the business of retail sales. But there are far more productive things we can do for stupendous retail sales success...



There is really only one secret to brick-and-mortar retail sales success in this age of the Internet.  You need to be where you are for the right reason.  That right reason is simply...

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