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Click Here to hear my youtube audio: Your Inevitable Success.   In this empowering presentation you will discover the true causes of Inevitable Success, how to live in joy and security for all you really want Right Now.  (note: audio begins 17 seconds into the video)


Click here to hear my most recent interview where I discuss how our relationships show us how we need to grow, how to find more joy and success without control.  


Salespeople go through heartbreak just like everyone else, but risk more rejection than the rest. Click here to hear my most recent interview on the purpose of our passages through heartbreak and how to take full advantage of those golden opportunities! While it's not directly sales related, it will show you how to grow through the pain you go through for richer rewards in all of your relatiionship.  


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CLICK HERE to Listen to Bob Lancer sharing the wisdom of the Geometry Of Success in an inspiring interview that conveys nature's inner teaching for INEVITABLE success.


Listen to my recent interview on the secret key to fulfilling your goals

 by harnessing the power of appreciation  


It's Show # 45


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