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Joy is the true currency. The more joyful, the more financially successful. It's automatic. Your physical conditions reflect the level of your harmonious flow of energy.


You don't have to make yourself happy. You just have to see how you are blocking or limiting your happiness, so you can release more joy.


When you understand how your emotional state impacts your physical conditions you will recognize that mastering your emotions is essential for causing positive chjange in your life and business.


To be a sales leader you have to lead yourself first.  Guess where self-leadership begins?  It begins with self-awareness.


Begin paying closer attention to your thoughts, attitudes, emotional reactions, speech, listening and actions to see how you are impacting yourself on the emtionaal level.


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Be clear about and committed to your intentions.  What do you intend to accomplish? Remind yourself of your intention all day, everyday.  Your life follows the direction of your attention.



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Think about the most important outcome of your sales meeting. It's the response of your prospect. Become clear about the response you are after. Focus on that. Envision that. Think about the impact you would love to have. 


Here's how to let your prospect sell him/herself:

Don't Sell.  Serve.  Then sell... SUCCESSFULLY. How? Click here.  


Use the Law of Reciprocity.  Look for ways to actually demonstrate how helpful you can be to your prospect.  Be service oriented.  Think of yourself as a servant of humanity.  As you provide value you earn trust, commitment and loyalty.


Would you like to know how to delightfully deal with difficult people?  A person is difficult for you when you lack the mastery for delightfully dealing with that person.  So use your struggles with difficult people as opportunities to see how you need to grow.  Don't blame the other person for being a jerk just because you need a bit more self-work.


Do you fear rejection?  You probably do, even if you don't admit it.  Well, admit it.  Then think about how you really want to feel when you face rejection.  Think of the calm self-confidence and self-respect you want to feel.  Your thoughts direct your feelings.  


Why fear rejection?  You wouldn't if you really understood the Law of Opportunity.  According to that Law, which you can ALWAYS count on, when one door of opportunity closes a greater door always opens.


Want to experience less resistance to making sales calls?  Envision the people you are going to meet absolutely LOVING the time they spend with you.  See them in your mind being totally grateful for your involvement with them.  Let that vision guide you to create that experience.  It's when we expect to be disliked that we recoil from an encounter.


To sell another on your product you have to sell yourself on it first.  This is no superficial matter.  Focus on the benefits of what you are selling.  Think of the transformations that your product will make for your customer.  Know the outcome you intend for your customer.  It has to be the outcome your customer wants, really wants.  Concentrating on this line of thinking will sell you into a crusader for your product.


Don't try to sell from fear, even if your manager tries to make you feel insecure.  You have to sell from strength and confidence and self-assurance.  You don't NEED this sale.  You need to work on developing a relationship that serves your prospect.  You are here to help, to bring value into the iives of others. 


Objections?  Don't worry about objectections.  Just turn them around.  Turn problems into solutions.  Use objections to clarify exactly what your prospect wants.  Then match up the benefits of your offer with that.


Be charismatic to win.  How?  There are a few important elements.  First, practice being positive at all times.  Look for the positive way to deal with what is happening.  Stop complaining at home to your spouse and kids.  Find positive, kind, supportive ways of communicating.  Practice practice practice dealing with everything in a more positive way.  You'll start to glow.


Cold calling is hard.  There's an easier way.  It's about relationship building.  Building your network.  Creating relationships with others and in those relationships show people how valuable you are, how much integrity you have, what a great work ethic you have.  Then ask them who they know and ask for an introduction and recommendation.


You are a consultant first.  You have to become an expert to be able to provide free, valuable advice to people that demonstrates how valuable you are.  Don't worry about giving too much.  Get real.  You have to demonstrate, just just talk about, what you can do.  There is a law of success you can count on here: the more you give, the more you receive.


Dedicate yourself to ongoing, life-long self-improvement.  It is a secret to happiness and to success.  If you are not interested in growing you are in the wrong line of work. But don't go looking for any other work.  Success in life is a product of how good we are.  To be more successful, get better.


Team building is essential for a sales team's success.  The better you get along with one another the better you will get along in your life and in your work.


How to team build?  Practice those great relationship skills you use to win clients, to make them feel valued, to earn their trust, to inspire their love.  The more you practice this with your team, the more powerful and positive your team will be, and the better you will be at demonstrating those skills.


Petty personal rivalry among teammates is toxic for the entire team.  Team conflict drains energy and morale, meaning you will be more stressed and negative when you come home, more stressed and negative when you hit the streets.  There's a simple cure for this.  Don't feed it.


Be the person you want to be.  Think of yourself as the person you want to be.  Let go of self-concepts that demoralize you.  You become the person you think of yourself as being. 


Change your mental habits and you change your life.  

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