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In these unique and uniquely effective programs your sales force will learn actual practices for maintaining and regaining happiness, and passing their joy onto their prospects and customers for higher buyer performance.


Additionally, I will show your sales force how the process of educating prospects is really the essence of not only successful selling, but really enjoyable selling.


Human beings naturally love to teach and learn.  As you bring this component into selling your sellers will love what they do and their prospects will love it too!


To sell someone on an idea is the product of effectively educating them on its merits.


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  • Part one focuses on selling happiness.
  • Part two focuses on selling as an "organic educational" process.


Great teachers are great sales people.

Great sales people are great teachers.



Improve your donor-solicitation skills for a non-profit

Improve Brick and Mortar Retail Sales Success in this Internet-Shopping Culture

See PDF: Example Outline Of Restaurant Staff Customer Service Sales Training  


"Your seminars always open my eyes. Truly life-changing."
K. Caldwell, Account Manager WSB Sales

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Motivational Speaker Power For Your Sales Team 
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