10 Results of Attending World-Class Motivational Speaker Bob Lancer Positivity Development Motivational Seminars for Sales Professionals...

You Can Expect Your Sales Team to be:  

  1. More self-motivated
  2. More self-reliant
  3. More self-directed
  4. Happier
  5. More Focused and Determined
  6. More Accountable
  7. Better team players
  8. More creative in their problem-solving
  9. More relaxed,  secure, and self-confident
  10. And all of that translates into greater sales success!


"Thanks for the positive and powerful, skillfully crafted messages. You are an impactful speaker." K. Ceruli, Gen. Sales Man. WSB-FM


The Outcome Of Attending A Motivational Speaker Bob Lancer Leadership Development Sales Training:  More empowered and inspired sales professionals who drive your business through higher sales success.


Equip YOUR sales team to lead their prospects into customers, their customers into loyal followers, and their selling career into the realization of their professional goals.



IMAGINE... a more PRO-active professional sales-force.

IMAGINE... a sales-force UNFAZED by dour economic reports, because they know how to lead themselves to the opportunities, and to lead their prospects to the successful sales-close they intend.

IMAGINE... a sales-force that interacts with one another in mutually supportive and uplifting ways, as great team players who recognize that one sales person's success boosts every sales person's possibilitie.


Provide your sales force with this fresh new approach to selling success that will help them to feel great about themselves through the inevitable ups and downs
of today's turbulant economic patterns.


"You certainly have a great way with words, and your message is quite significant." Jack Canfield, Best Selling Co-Creator of the Chickensoup for the Soul Series


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