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It's well established that happy work teams outperform unhappy ones. We tend to believe that happiness is based on outside circumstances, like improved wages. But the reality is that happiness that is based on outside factors is unstable and unsustainable. It does not translate into the resilience that leads to consistently upward moving results.


Teaching and training individuals in applying the 7 Mindsets produces the internal fortitude that drives external results. As individuals and work teams apply these Mindsets to their personal and professional challenges and goals they achieve extraordinary levels of unconditional happiness, success and choesive team work.


What Is A Mindset?

A mindset is simply how someone thinks.  Some mindsets help us live our dreams, while others can slow us down and even prevent us from experiencing happiness and achieving success.  When you approach a problem with the idea that you lack what you need to succeed, for instance, that idea becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.


Through the most extensive research project to date on the topic of happiness and success, the founders of 7 Mindsets – Scott Shickler and Jeff Waller - identified the 7 Mindsets of the most positive and successful people in history.  Every highly accomplished individual that you can think of has in one way or another demonstrated these Mindsets.


The 7 Mindsets Turn Dreams Into Realities, Teams Into Dream Teams

Think of your dreams as tall sky scrapers.  What is the most important part?  The roof?  The doors?  The windows?  It doesn’t matter what kind of roof, doors and windows you have; if your foundation is not strong, the building cannot stand. The 7 Mindsets serve as the sturdy foundation of the "skyscraper" of your dreams.  In order to build a life where we live our dreams and make the world a better place to our full capacity, we have to construct a strong enough foundation in our way of thinking.  The 7 Mindsets provide that internal mental support system - our foundation for amazing happiness, success and team building. 


The Mindsets

Here is a brief description of each of the 7 Mindsets for extraordinary individual happiness and success, a mental blueprint that translates into extraordinary workplace morale, performance and teambuilding:

1.    The first Mindset is Everything Is Possible. This Mindset teaches us that we need to Dream Big, Embrace Creativity and Expect Success. As you expand your vision of what is possible, and accept your innate creative capacity for making it happen, and expect it to happen you harness your innate power to make it happen. Practice stretching your vision of positive possibilities and living in the feeling of positive expectancy.

2.    The second Mindset is Passion First.  This Mindset teaches us that if we truly want to be happy and successful, we have to find those things that we are passionate about and focus our energy into pursuing those things.  We often pick work-paths based on how much money we will make, but people who have lived their dreams and changed the world in profound ways found what they were good at and found ways to turn those passions into a career. Get clear about your talents, your passions, your core-values and commit to building your life around them. If you are currently working at a job that does not connect you with your passion you are probably underperforming and not very happy. People are most productive in the areas they are most passionate about.

3.    The third Mindset is We Are Connected.  This Mindset is based on the fact that we can accomplish more with people than without them, as long as they are the right people. It focuses on developing ways to work with, for and through others to accomplish our dreams in ways that supports them in accomplishing their's.  It is about developing our communication skills, respecting diversity, reaching out to those who can help us, and helping those who can benefit from what we can do for them.  It is also about recognizing which relationships help us achieve our dreams, and which relationships work against us. Think about how you can become better at relationship-building.

4.    The fourth Mindset 100% Accountable.  It engages us in rigorous self-reflection.  The 100% Accountable Mindset teaches us that we have to take full responsibility for every part of our lives.  There are things that will happen to us that are out of our control, but the 100% Accountable Mindset tells us that we can control how we respond if we accept full responsibility for our responses. This Mindset is about choosing to overcome failure, obstacles and setbacks, and not letting the situations that life places us in determine how happy and successful we will be. Reflect on what you have done to produce the results you are getting, to learn what you may need to change for better results.

5.    The fifth Mindset is the Attitude Of Gratitude. This Mindset teaches us to focus on the positive in all things, to find ways to be grateful and to express that gratitude.  It also encourages us to look for the everyday resources and supports presently available that might otherwise get taken for granted or overlooked. This includes finding reasons to feel grateful regarding our difficulties, problems and even our losses. As we choose gratitude we feel inspired, empowered and appreciative. We become more "magnetic" to positive people, opportunities and success. Take time everyday to look for reasons to feel grateful.

6.    The sixth Mindset is Live To Give.  The Live To Give Mindset is based on the understanding that in order to receive anything in life we have to be willing to give first.  What we have to give includes money, love, respect and time.  Among the greatest gifts you can give is to be your authentic self and to develop your talents and share them with the world. Whenever you worry about what you are going to receive, shift into focusing on what you can give. This is one way that we tap into our abundance.

7.    The seventh Mindset is The Time Is Now.  The Time Is Now Mindset is about taking goal-directed action in the present.  Don't wait for "perfect certainty" to move forward. To put it simply, there is always something we can be doing that can get us closer to our dreams.  Taking action now moves the needle of your life toward the outcomes that you want. If you wait, you waste your time. Focus on making every moment count, starting with this moment. Relate to the past as a springboard to greater success by learning the lessons it offers. Relate to the future as the result of what you do now. The time is always now to take charge of our lives and set about changing the world. 


Living The Mindsets

It is one thing to know about these Mindsets, and to agree with them.  It is another to “train the brain” to resort to them as ways of mentally approaching our everyday challenges and goals.  As we do this, as we actually live the Mindsets, we literally change the way that our brains work, to match the neural patterns of the most successful, accomplished and fulfilled individuals on the planet.  We build better, mutually supportive relationships. We live in the joy of pursuing our passions. We transform where we are through who we are. The 7 Mindsets work… when we use them.


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